Best Wooden Back Stretchers

Best Wooden Back Stretchers

Eliminate Back Pain – Increase Height

Sae Arc Wooden Back StretcherWooden back stretchers are very effective if you have severe back pain.

The best wooden back stretching device (I’ve probably tried all the back stretchers available) is the Sae Arc Wooden Back Stretcher.

With a wooden back stretcher, you will be able to eliminate back pain but it does take time. It took me just over 9 months to completely heal my back.

I was fed up with taking painkillers and applying smelly anti-inflammatory creams.  

Back Stretching DeviceGlucosamine supplements were not working and physio while helpful was expensive. 

I was looking for a permanent solution and I even contemplated surgery, Fortunately, I was introduced to the world of back stretchers and embraced it completely.

If you do want to eliminate back pain for good you need to use the wooden back stretcher 3 times a day for 10 minutes at a time to heal the back completely.

What is a Wooden Back Stretcher?

Orthopedic Back StretchersA wooden back stretcher is a device with a flat base and an arched top.

The arch of the back stretcher follows the curvature of the spine.

The Sae Arc Wooden Back Stretcher has two settings to increase the intensity of the stretch.

How Does a Wooden Back Stretcher Work?

A wooden back stretcher works by passively relaxing the back muscles.

All you have to do is lie on top of it and the upper and lower back muscles begin to relax.

Consequently, the tension in the back is relieved and the spine begins to decompress through gentle stretching.

The purpose of the wooden back stretcher is to stretch and elongate the spine and promote healing within.

Spine Decompression Using Wooden Back Stretchers

Height Increase Equipment - Lumbar Extender Back StretcherWhen you decompress your spine you improve the overall health and wellbeing of the body.

The first benefit you’ll notice is increased flexibility and improved posture.

You will also notice an improvement in circulation and relieved tension.

When the spine stretches the jelly-like substance between the vertebrae is fills with blood and oxygen and the original spine position is restored.

Another benefit of spinal decompression is an increase in Proteoglycan concentrations in between the discs. This substance is essential for health and repair of the spine.

Basically, when you stretch your spine you force it to get back to its original position and promote healing from withing.

Best Wooden Back Stretcher

I’ve tried most of the back stretchers available.

One thing I’ve found out is the cheaper back stretchers don’t offer the same intensity of stretch as the expensive ones.

In the wooden back stretcher range, the Sae Arc Wooden back stretcher is the best. 

I’ve used the Sae Arc wooden back stretcher along with the Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher and have benefited by eliminating my back and I’ve added 3 inches to my height.

If you do want a wooden back stretcher I would recommend the Sae Arc Wooden Back Stretcher.

Does Stretching Back Make You Taller

The simple answer is YES.

When my posture improved I added an inch.

When my spine got healthier and I increased the concentration of Proteoglycans my height increased by a further 2 inches.

My theory is everyone has a maximum potential height which is hampered by gravity, poor posture and adverse spinal health.

What a wooden back stretcher does is corrects posture and heals the back so the maximum height can be achieved.

You can read more about the best back stretchers on the best back stretchers blog.

If you have any questions feel free to ask……


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