Improve Sex Life With Best Back Stretchers

Improve Sex Life With Back Stretchers

Orthopedic Back StretchersYou can use back stretchers to spice up your love life.

Your sex life will suck if you have severe back pain.

When you don’t have full flexibility of the back you are only limited to one or two positions in bed.

This gets boring as I found out…

You may be dissatisfied, or worse your other half may be dissatisfied…

There is a way to overcome severe back pain without having to resort to

A. Nasty Painkillers
B. Smelley Anti-Inflammatory Creams
C. Expensive Physio
D. Surgery!!

The best way to eliminate all back pain is to use a back stretcher like the lumbar extender back stretcher.

Using a Back Stretcher for Better Sex

Back Stretching DeviceAll you have to do is lie on top of the back stretcher twice a day.

You will need to lie on top of it once in the morning and once in the evening.

You must lie on it 5 to 10 minutes at a time. When you get used to it try to stay on for 15 minutes.

The longer you stay on the more benefits you will get.

Benefit 1: Better Flexibility during Sex

the yoga woman
young beautiful yoga posing on a gray studio background

After using a back stretcher religiously for a month my back became more flexible.

I experienced a remarkable reduction in pain.

I was able to rotate my back and touch my toe.

This added flexibility improved my performance between the sheets.

Benefit 2: Got Taller 

Get Taller Using Back StretchersAnother unexpected but welcomed effect I experienced was an increase in height.

Over 9 months I was able to increase my height my 3 inches.

This was due to improving my posture, rehydrating my spine and increasing the Proteoglycan concentration in the jelly-like substance between my spinal disc.

3 inches gave me more confidence and had an effect on my testosterone and libido.

Benefit 3: Eliminated Pain

Strong healthy using back stretchersAfter 9 months of continual use, I was able to eliminate my pain completely.

I was free from the fear of pain when it came to having sex.

I was more adventurous and we tried multiple positions and orientations in bed.

If you use the lumbar extender back stretcher over 9 months you should eliminate your pain.

I had some severe back problems like Sciatica, Slipped disc, bulging disc, and degenerative disc disease but I was still able to heal my back from within.

Should I Buy a Back Stretcher?

Height Increase Equipment - Lumbar Extender Back StretcherYes.

There are so many benefits.

If you have a bad back you must get one because it’s a one-time investment and it only costs around 90 dollars.

Bearing in mind painkillers, physio, and surgery can cost thousands a back stretcher has an excellent return on investment.

If you don’t have back pain you can still use it to add inches to your height and improve flexibility and posture which adds excitement inside the bedroom.

If you want to know more about back stretchers check out 20 benefits of using a back stretcher.


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